Payment with Card Storage

Method Name: KS_Tahsilat

It is used for taking payments from stored credit cards.

Parameters to Send:

Parameter Required Type Length Description
G * NS - ST_WS_Guvenlik Object
GUID * N 36 Key Belonging to Member Workplace
KS_GUID * N 16 GUID value that returns from KS_Kart_Ekle method
CVV * N 3 Enter for 3D operations. Can be left blank for nonsecure transactions.
KK_Sahibi_GSM * N 10 Credit Card holder GSM No, Without zero at the beginning (5xxxxxxxxx)
Hata_URL * N 250 If the payment fails, page address to be redirected to
Basarili_URL * N 250 If the payment is successful, page address to be redirected to
Siparis_ID * N - Singular ID for Order-specific. If you have sent before this value, the system assings new Siparis_ID. As a result of this the Siparis_ID is returned.
Siparis_Aciklama N 250 Order Description
Taksit * I 2 Selected number of installments. Send 1 value for one installment.
Islem_Tutar * N - Order Amount, (only a comma with Kuruş format 1000,50)
Toplam_Tutar * N - Commission Including Order Amount, (only a comma with Kuruş format 1000,50)
Islem_Guvenlik_Tip * N 2 NS (NonSecure) or 3D will sent
Islem_ID N - Single ID except the Sipariş Id that belongs to transaction, optional.
IPAdr * N 50 IP Address
Ref_URL N 256 Url of page where payment is made
Data1 N 250 Extra Space 1
Data2 N 250 Extra Space 2
Data3 N 250 Extra Space 3
Data4 N 250 Extra Space 4
KK_Islem_ID N 200 Unique ID value for forwarded by stored Credit Cards.

*Non-required fields must be submitted with empty values.

Result Parameters:

Parameter Type Length Description
Sonuc I 1 The transaction result
Sonuc_Str N 150 Result Explanation, If the Sonuc Parameter is > 0, the operation succeeded, otherwise failed.
UCD_URL N 150 For Nonsecure transactions URL information processes "NONSECURE" in this field.
Islem_ID L - 3D URL Process ID information, it is returned with “Dekont_ID” value for nonsecure operations

İslem_Guvenlik_Tip = ”NS” is understood according to the following rule.

If the Sonuc > 0 and UCD_URL = "Nonsecure" and Islem_ID > 0, the PROCESS is SUCCESSFUL.

POST Parameters:

Parameter Description
TURKPOS_RETVAL_Sonuc The transaction result
TURKPOS_RETVAL_Sonuc_Str Transaction result explanation
TURKPOS_RETVAL_GUID Key Belonging to Member Workplace
TURKPOS_RETVAL_Islem_Tarih Transaction Date
TURKPOS_RETVAL_Dekont_ID Receipt Number
TURKPOS_RETVAL_Tahsilat_Tutari Amount collected from the customer
TURKPOS_RETVAL_Odeme_Tutari Net amount. The amount of the commission is deducted from the collection amount.
TURKPOS_RETVAL_Siparis_ID Siparis_ID which belongs to the transaction that we sent the service
TURKPOS_RETVAL_Islem_ID Islem_ID that we sent the service
TURKPOS_RETVAL_Ext_Data In method Data1, Data2, Data3, Data4, Data5 parameters combined with “|” returns. Ext_Data = Data1 & "|" & Data2 & "|" & Data3 & "|" & Data4 & "|" & Data5

If TURKPOS_RETVAL_Sonuc <0, TURKPOS_RETVAL_Dekont_ID returns "0". If the value of TURKPOS_RETVAL_Dekont_ID is greater than "0", it means that the credit card transaction has been completed.

If the Sonuc is greater than "0", the 'NONSECURE' equality of UCD_URL is searched. If equal, the transaction ends. The Islem_ID value is the Dekont_No value.
For a successful NonSecure operation, Sonuc > 0, Islem_ID > 0 and UCD_URL = 'NONSECURE'. Otherwise, the transaction is unsuccessful.
If the NONSECURE transaction is incorrect, the Sonuc_Str value returns an error message from the bank. If UCD_URL <> 'NONSECURE', it is treated like a 3D operation.


The services will be accessed via the HTTPS protocol in real environment.
For the realization of the transactions, the institution internet exit IP address or IP Blocks, website address should be forwarded and necessary definitions made by us.