Token Value for Param Modal

Method Name: TP_Islem_Checkout_Token

This method returns the token value for Param Modal.

Parameters to Send:

Parameter Required Type Length Description
G * NS - ST_WS_Guvenlik Object
GUID * N 36 Key Belonging to Member Workplace
Tutar N - Amount
Siparis_ID N - Singular ID for Order-specific. If you have sent before this value the system is new Assign order_ID. As a result of this The order_ID is returned.
RETURN_URL N - Result post parameters is the URL it returns.

*Non-required fields must be submitted with empty values.

Result Parameters:

Parameter Type Length Description
Sonuc N - The transaction result
Sonuc_Str N - The transaction result explanation
Banka_Sonuc_Kod N - The code returned by bank