Opencart Plugin Installation

Click for Param Virtual Pos Plugin

01.We open the hosting address where we installed Opencart with FTP and enter the public_html folder.

02.Param Opencart We open the payment module rar file and enter the upload folder.

03.We transfer the files in the directory to FTP public_html by drag and drop method.

04.We log in to the Opencart admin panel.

05.Click on Plugins -> Payment Methods.

06.Find the Param Payment Module in the “Payment Methods” section and press the + button.

07. By pressing the “Edit” button, we enter the necessary information on the page that opens and complete the installation. Param POS online The code, username, password and GUID received from the branch are filled in the fields below. This information is obtained from PARAM internet branch You can find out from the PARAM POS → My Integration Information tab.

Müşteri Kodu = Client Code
Müşteri Kullanıcı Adı = Client User Name
Müşteri Şifre = Client Password
Klvz = GUID