Transaction Query

Method Name: TP_Islem_Sorgulama

You can find out if the transaction is successful, unsuccessful, canceled or returned.

After the TP_Islem_Operation method, you can also query the status of the operation with this method when an error occurs during the POST, depending on the success or failure of the operation following the entry of the credit card 3D password information, Basarili_URL or Error_URL.

Parameters to Send:

Parameter Required Type Length Description
G * NS - ST_WS_Guvenlik Object
GUID * N 36 Key Belonging to Member Workplace
Dekont_ID * L - Dekont_ID which is POSTed after successful transaction, optional.
Siparis_ID N - Posted Order ID after successful transaction.
Islem_ID N - Transaction ID sent to TP_Islem_Odeme method, optional.

*Non-required fields must be submitted with empty values.

You can query the transaction status by sending any of Dekont_ID, Order_ID, and Islem_ID. If you only want to query with Islem_ID here, make sure you send a unique Islem_ID in your orders.

Result Parameters:

Parameter Type Length Description
Sonuc N - The transaction result
Sonuc_Str N - Transaction result explanation
Odeme_Sonuc N - Payment Result
Odeme_Sonuc_Aciklama N - Payment Result Description
Dekont_ID L - Receipt Information, If it is unsuccesful it returns “0”, if it is successful it returns greater than “0”
Siparis_ID N - Order ID
Islem_ID N - Islem_ID send from method
Toplam_Tutar M - Amount of the order that includes commission
Taksit I 2 Installment information
Ext_Data N - In payment method Data1, Data2, Data3, Data4, Data5 parameters combined with “|” returns.

Sample Result Parameters:

    <DT_Islem_Sorgulama diffgr:id="DT_Islem_Sorgulama1" msdata:rowOrder="0">
        <Odeme_Sonuc_Aciklama>İşlem Başarılı</Odeme_Sonuc_Aciklama>
        <Tarih>17.11.2015 14:49:19</Tarih>
        <Siparis_ID />
        <Islem_ID />