BIN Codes

Method Name: BIN_SanalPos

Returns card-bank information belonging to credit card and returns SanalPOS_ID’s value. If BIN value is sent empty, all records will be returned.

Parameters to Send:

Parameter Required Type Length Description
G * Object - ST_WS_Guvenlik Object
BIN * String 6 BIN value

*Non-required fields must be submitted with empty values.

Result Parameters:

Parameter Type Length Description
Sonuc Integer - Storage card list
Sonuc_Str String - The transaction result
DT_Bilgi Object - Storage card list

DT_Bilgi Object:

Parameter Type Length Description
BIN String - BIN value
SanalPOS_ID String - SanalPOS ID value
Kart_Banka String - Bank name
DKK String - Debit Credit Card
Kart_Tip String - Card type (E.g. Visa , Mastercard)
Kart_Org String -
Banka_Kodu String - Bank code