External Institutional Integration
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Version 1.8

Version Date Description
1.0.0 24.11.2020 Document created.
1.0.1 16.02.2021 "Yetkili_Kisi_TC" parameter has been added to the ”Pazaryeri_AltUyeIsyeriEkleme” method.
1.0.2 01.03.2021 Type was updated in the “Pazaryeri_AltUyeIsyeriEkleme” and “Pazaryeri_AltUyeIsyeriGüncelleme” methods.
1.0.3 19.03.2021 Link of Prod environment is added.
1.0.4 23.03.2021 "ILCE_LISTESI", "IL_LISTESI", and "Pazaryeri_TP_AltUyeIsyeri_Liste" methods have been added to the test environment.
1.0.5 24.03.2021 Link of Prod environment is added
1.0.6 31.03.2021 "Pos_Odeme" method has been added instead of the “TP_Islem_Odeme” method.
1.0.7 05.04.2021 Value of the “Tutar_Urun” and “Tutar_Odenecek”s parameters have been changed as string in the “Pazaryeri_TP_Siparis_Detay_Ekle” method.
1.0.8 30.04.2021 The explanation for the "Amount" parameter in the “Pazaryeri_TP_Iptal_Iade” method is detailed.
1.0.9 20.05.2021
  • “Pazaryeri_TP_AltUyeIsyeri_Ekleme” in this method; “Yetkili_Kisi_TC” parameter description has been updated. If the“ “Tip” parameter 3 (Limited / incorporated company); Yetkili_Kisi_TC parameter information must be sent explanation has been added
  • TC_VN parameter description has been updated.
  • Parameter conditions notes have been updated.
1.1.0 24.06.2021
  • In the introduction title; Descriptions have been updated.
  • “Pazaryeri_TP_Iptal_Iade” in the method; “Cancellation is made for transactions made on the same day, and refunds are made for different days.” description added.
  • “Pazaryeri_TP_Iptal_Iade” in the method; “Tutar” parameter name has been changed to “SiparisTutar”. “OdenecekTutar” parameter has been added. Rules have been added. Updated Request-Response examples.
  • To the” Pos_Odeme” method; Added explanations about calculating the Islem_Hash value.
  • The "DT_Bilgi Object" Table has been removed from the parameters to be sent in the ILCE_LISTSI" method.
  • The "DT_Bilgi Object" Table has been removed from the parameters to be sent in the IL_LISTSI" method.
1.1.0 24.06.2021
  • Prod connection link has been updated
  • Rule added to “Pazaryeri_TP_Siparis_Onay” method. “-1=Cancel” statement code and description added. Description of “12=Canceled” statement code updated.
  • Rule added to “Pazaryeri_TP_Siparis_Detay_Ekle” method.
  • “Islem_Id” parameter added to the “Pazaryeri_TP_Islem_Sorgulama” method's parameters to be sent
  • “Vade_Tarihi” parameter added to the “Pazaryeri_TP_Islem_Sorgulama” method's result parameters.
  • “GUID_AltUyeIsyeri” “PYSiparis_GUID” “SanalPOS_Islem_ID” “Tarih_Bas” “Tarih_Bit” “Siparis_ID” parameters is NOT required for “Pazaryeri_TP_Islem_Sorgulama” method's parameters to be sent.
  • Added this rule ’After updated amounts, “OdenecekTutar” can NOT be greater than “SiparisTutar”’ to the “Pazaryeri_TP_Iptal_Iade” method.
  • Descriptions added to the “IL_LISTESI” and "ILCE_LISTESI” methods.
  • Descriptions added to the “Pazaryeri_TP_Islem_Sorgulama” method's parameters.
  • Request-response examples of “Pazaryeri” methods updated
1.2.0 07.07.2021
  • Process Flow Diagrams added with steps of flow.
  • Descriptions added to the “Pazaryeri_TP_Iptal_Iade” method's “PYSiparis_GUID” and “Siparis_ID” parameters.
1.2.1 28.07.2021
  • “IBAN_Unvan” parameter added to the “Pazaryeri_TP_AltUyeIsyeri_Ekleme” method's parameters to be sent. Example Request updated.
1.3.0 17.08.2021
  • Added Pazaryeri_TP_Limit_Kontrol method.
  • Pazaryeri_TP_Siparis_Detay_Ekle method to the result table; Toplam_Tahsilat_Tutari, Pazaryeri_Limit, Yeni_Odenecek_Tutar parameters have been added. Method description updated.
  • Process flows and steps have been updated.
1.3.1 17.09.2021 Individual customer=1 option added for TC_VN parameter in Pazaryeri_TP_AltUyeIsyeri_Ekleme method

The customer can shop from many vendor groups, make the payment for the related products and the payments can be easily transferred to the vendor groups thanks to the Pazaryeri project. Within the scope of the Pazaryeri project; it is the integration Api help document prepared for the services that member merchants will use.




Note: Card Storage, Card Storage List, Stored Card Deletion ve Payment Methods methods can be accessed from the sublink

Test Parameter Value

4.1.Pazaryeri Sub-Merchant Transactions

  • With the Pazaryeri_TP_AltUyeIsyeri_Ekleme method, the information of the member merchant is defined.On the Param side; It is required to have a Pos account starting with 6371 belonging to Pazaryeri.
  • Sub-merchant information can be updated with the Pazaryeri_TP_AltUyeIsyeri_Update method.
  • With the Pazaryeri_TP_AltUyeIsyeri_Liste method, sub-merchant inquiries can be made at all stages.

4.2.Order Payment and Order and Payment Cancellation / Refund transactions

  • The Islem_Hash value is generated by running the SHA2B64 method at
  • By using the value of the Islem_Hash parameter; payment process is started with any of the methods of Sale-3D Pay / NS / Sale-3D Model / NS / Payment with MasterPass / Payment with Foreign Currency / Payment with Card Storage / Payment with BKM Express.
  • The order amount is transferred to the Pazaryeri account.
  • After the payment process is successful, by running the Pazaryeri_TP_Siparis_Detay_Ekle method; The previously registered sub-merchant, the Islem_ID returned from the payment methods and the net amount with the commission deducted are sent.
  • If the transactions will not be canceled or refunded, by running the Pazaryeri_TP_Siparis_Onay method; When the order is approved, the relevant amount is transferred to the defined IBAN of the sub-merchant when the due date comes.
  • The Pazaryeri_TP_Islem_Sorgulama method can be run at each step.

All parameters to be sent to methods are mandatory unless otherwise stated. Security control is performed with the ST_WS_Guvenlik object in Web Service methods. In order for the ST_WS_Guvenlik object, to be passed with the following information, the server IP Address (IP Address if more than one IP Address is available Blocks) you must send us.

ST_WS_Guvenlik object :

Parameter Reqired Type Length Description
CLIENT_CODE * Integer 5 Terminal ID will be forwarded by us.
CLIENT_USERNAME * String max 16 Username will be transmitted by us.
CLIENT_PASSWORD * String max 11 Password will be transmitted by us.