Transaction Cancellation and Returns

Method Name: TP_Islem_Iptal_Iade_Kismi

Used to cancel or make a successful credit card transaction.

Parameters to Send:

Parameter Type Length Description
G NS - ST_WS_Guvenlik Object
GUID N 36 Key Belonging to Member Workplace
Durum N 10 For cancellation IPTAL
For return IADE
Dekont_ID L - Transaction’s receipt ID
Tutar M - Cancellation / Return Amount, All amount must be written for CANCELLATION. All amount or smaller amount (partial) must be written for RETURN.

Result Parameters:

Parameter Type Length Description
Sonuc N - The transaction result
Sonuc_Str N - Transaction result explanation

Sample Result Parameters:

<ST_Sonuc xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="" xmlns="">
<Sonuc_Str>Process Successfull</Sonuc_Str>