Payment with BKM Express

Method Name: TP_Islem_Odeme_BKM

It is the method by which the payment process will be initiated through BKM Express. The result of the operation is redirected to the B parameter that returns and payment process begins by logging into BKM Express.

Transaction Hash Value Calculation:

The SHA2B64 method of this service hash this value and converts it to Base64String as the value you pass to the parameter. As in the following example, combine these parameters using the string concatenation method appropriate to your language and send them to SHA2B64 The result is Payment_Hash value. Create the parameter formats that will generate the Payment_Hash by looking at the Parameters to be Sent table. (Such as Amount needs to be comma)

Dim Islem_Guvenlik_Hash2B64$ = SHA2B64(G.CLIENT_CODE & GUID & Amount & Order_ID & Error_URL & Success_URL)

Parameters to Send:

Parameter Required Type Length Description
G * Object - ST_WS_Guvenlik Object
GUID * String 36 Key Belonging to Member Workplace
Customer_Info * String 100 Member workplace customer name surname/company name
Customer_GSM String 10 Member workplace customer GSM No, Without zero at the beginning (5xxxxxxxxx)
Error_URL * String 250 If the payment fails, page address to be redirected to
Success_URL * String 250 If the payment successful, page address to be redirected to
Order_ID * String - Singular ID for Order-specific. If you have sent before this value the system is new Assign Order_ID. As a result of this The Order_ID is returned.
Order_Description String 250 Order Description
Amount * String 2- Order Amount, (only a comma with Kuruş format 1000,50)
Payment_Hash * String - Transaction Hash Value
Transaction_ID String - Single ID except the Sipariş Id that belongs to transaction, optional.
IPAddress * String 50 IP Address
Referrer_URL String 256 Url of page where payment is made

*Non-required fields must be submitted with empty values.

Result Parameters:

Parameter Type Length Description
Response_Code Integer - The transaction result
Response_Message String - Transaction result explanation
Redirect_URL String - BKM Express URL

From the ST_TP_Islem_Odeme_BKM object If the Response_Code parameter is greater than "0",Redirect to the parameter Redirect_URL to start the Payment with BKM Express. In case of successful or unsuccessful , Hata_URL or Basarili_URL will be posted.

POST Parametreleri:

Parameter Description
TURKPOS_RETVAL_Sonuc The transaction result
TURKPOS_RETVAL_Sonuc_Str Transaction result explanation
TURKPOS_RETVAL_GUID Key Belonging to Member Workplace
TURKPOS_RETVAL_Islem_Tarih Transaction Date
TURKPOS_RETVAL_Dekont_ID Receipt Number
TURKPOS_RETVAL_Tahsilat_Tutari Amount collected from the customer
TURKPOS_RETVAL_Odeme_Tutari Net amount. The amount of the commission is deducted from the collection amount.
TURKPOS_RETVAL_Siparis_ID Siparis_ID which belongs to the transaction that we sent the service
TURKPOS_RETVAL_Islem_ID Islem_ID that we sent the service
TURKPOS_RETVAL_Banka_Sonuc_Kod The code returned by bank

If TURKPOS_RETVAL_Sonuc < 0, TURKPOS_RETVAL_Dekont_ID returns "0". If the value of TURKPOS_RETVAL_Dekont_ID is greater than "0", it means that the credit card transaction has been completed.