Pre-Provisioning with Stored Card

Method Name: TP_Islem_Odeme_OnProv_WKS

It is used to make pre-authorization transaction with stored card.

  Dim Islem_Guvenlik_Str$ = CLIENT_CODE & GUID & Islem_Tutar & Toplam_Tutar & Siparis_ID & Hata_URL & Basarili_URL
  Dim Islem_Hash$ = SHA2B64(Islem_Guvenlik_Str)  

Parameter Required Type Length Description
G * Object - ST_WS_Guvenlik Object
GUID * String 36 Key Belonging to Member Workplace
KK_GUID * String 36 Stored Card GUID information
KS_Kart_No * String 36 Enter GUID information
KK_Sahibi_GSM * String 10 Credit Card Holder GSM Number, without leading 0 (5xxxxxxxxx)
Hata_URL * String 256 Page address to redirect to if the checkout fails
Basarili_URL * String 256 The page address to be redirected to if the payment is successful
Siparis_ID * String 50 Order-specific unique ID. If you have sent this value before, the system assigns a new Order_ID. Returns this Order_ID at the end of the transaction
Siparis_Aciklama * String 250 Description of the order
Islem_Tutar * String - Order Amount, (1000,50 only in comma Kuruş format)
Toplam_Tutar * String - Order Amount including Commission, (1000.50 only in comma Kuruş format)(1000.50 only in comma Kuruş format)
Islem_Hash * String - Transaction Hash Value
Islem_Guvenlik_Tip * String - Sent NS (NonSecure) or 3D
Islem_ID String - Unique ID other than the Order ID of the transaction, optional.
IPAdr * String 50 IP Address
Ref_URL String 256 URL of the page where the payment took place
Data1 String 250 Extra Space 1
Data2 String 250 Extra Space 2
Data3 String 250 Extra Space 3
Data4 String 250 Extra Space 4
Data5 String 250 Extra Space 5
Parameter Type Length Description
Sonuc Integer - The transaction result
Sonuc_Str String - Process result description
Islem_ID Long - SID Value
Islem_GUID String - Transaction GUID Value
UCD_URL String - Bank 3D HTML content
UCD_MD String - MD value before Bank 3D Verification
Banka_Sonuc_Kod String - Bank Transaction ID value
Siparis_ID String - Order ID value
Banka_Sonuc_Kod Integer - The code the bank returns
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <soap12:Envelope xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:soap=""> <soap:Body>
<TP_Islem_Odeme_OnProv_WKS xmlns="">

Sonuç Parametreleri Örnek: NS li işlemler için

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <soap:Envelope xmlns:soap="" xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="">
<TP_Islem_Odeme_OnProv_WKSResponse xmlns="">
<Sonuc_Str>İşlem Başarılı</Sonuc_Str>
<UCD_URL> &SID=6005034652</UCD_URL>