PCI DSS Requirement

Payment Card Industry Security Standarts are used by a security council (PCI Security Standarts Council), which includes members such as Visa, American Express, Master Card, Discover Financial Services.

In general, the virtual POS provider aims to prevent loss and loss of data (theft and abuse of data) in e-commerce transactions carried out through the Bank and Financial institutions. By performing Network Security, Vulnerability Scanning and Access Control processes, it is possible to determine the situations that are against the security standards on the server and software where credit card transactions are performed. PCI DSS compliance screening should be repeated 4 times a year on a quarterly basis and the results of the screening should be forwarded to the relevant financial institution.

The institutions that perform Credit Card transactions via the Internet are required to determine the PCI DSS scanning and to determine that the relevant environments are in compliance with the PCI standards.The Comodo PCI DSS Scan service performs a remote security scan for your e-commerce system to check and report whether the e-commerce system and server that your application is running comply with the standards set by PCI DSS. The financial institution, which is mostly a Virtual Pos provider in the systems where the transaction is performed above a certain number, often requires PCI DSS screening.